Memorial Day 2016


Memorial Day 2016

give honor to whom honor is due

3dJust over 99 years ago, C.B. Strang, Jr. joined into the World War One action. At 19 years old, and already with hard work and innovation of learning to be a blacksmith with his father, C.B. Strang, Sr., the young C.B. entered into the fight with two of his friends. If you want to know more, your gonna have to wait for the book. Learn more about WWI here.

Today, as Memorial Day 2016 weekend has come upon us, we want to salute ALL of the men and women who have served, suffered and died for our country. Although America has become a vastly changing landscape, we feel it still is important to “give honor to whom honor is due.”

Below are a few videos, of mixed variety, for honoring those of past and those of present. I understand if you do not agree nor like the genre, but that is partly why we honor our veterans today.



Thoughts about: “God bless America” – Clayton Jennings

“…you’d be better off taking that tension,

and rallying for wounded vets. who never got granted their pension.”

– Clayton Jennings

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